Stephen Titra has been a painter, illustrator, musician and artist-in-residence for his entire professional life. His goal is to "joyfully uplift the human heart and spirit" with his work.

He received degrees and formal training from Loyola University Chicago, Mundelein College of Chicago and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Painter and Illustrator:
His landscapes and portraits have been commissioned for many private collections, including most recently a series of 28 portraits for Loyola University Chicago. He has done extensive illustration, over 2,000 images, for numberous secular and religious publishers of books and materials for children and adults. In addition, he has created over 15 large-scale murals for schools throughout the Midwest.

Stephen Titra has served as a multi-disciplinary artist-in-residence at more than 100 sites around the country for the past 25 years. His programs, which include visual art, writing, and music, are centered on spirituality and have been presented to students of all ages, parents, faculties, and corporate groups.

Guest Lecturer and Workshop Facilitator:
Stephen has spoken extensively on the topics of talent development, creativity and  leadership. His workshops for corporations, churches and non profits have inspired new ways of thinking amongst the attendees.

Stephen Titra’s commissioned portraits and landscapes are displayed in public and private collections in Rome,
Washington DC, New York, Boston, Seattle and Chicago, among other sites. He has also created more than 15
large-scale paintings and murals for schools throughout the Midwest.